Incredibly easy features include:

• The ability to set up multiple journals entries
• Create separate chapters with ease
• Synchronize your journals between multiple devices through your Dropbox
• Easily organize and move your journal entries from one chapter to another
• Keep your thoughts safe and secure by password protecting your journal
• Attach pictures, video or record on Journals’ built-in audio player
• Directly upload any of your videos, pictures or audio recordings to your Dropbox™ account*
• Choose from four slick designer journal styles

With Journals, we know privacy is essential. All chapter names, writings, pictures, audio recordings, videos and drawings in password protected journals are password protected using AES-256 encryption.

Plus, to stay connected, you can share your Journals entries, as well as any pictures, video, audio or drawings via Twitter, Facebook™ and email. So if you’re looking for an easy to use, powerful private diary program, Journals is the perfect choice for you.

*Dropbox app is required for use.


“ So far a superb and simple application to work with. Best ever!…
-Javier L.

“ Just love this app!!
Valerie G.

“ So easy to use! Love everything about it! Thank You for creating an amazing app!
-Jennifer T.

“ I have tried many journals, but always came back to this one. I liked it more than the others before the update…and now it is so much nicer! Thank you for updating this journal app for iPad!

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